Baby steps to BIG STEPS

It’s incredible what a difference one year can make for this amazing little man of mine.

This video from last summer shows just how far he’s come with his physical development. It’s my first record of him learning to get into the upright sit position from laying down and you’ll see it’s quite the process! When my other two children learned developmental milestones - with ease and on their own - I don’t think I could appreciate then all that the brain has to learn to make things like this happen.

Now here we are this summer and Antonio is at the brink of another milestone - WALKING! Would you believe me if I told you he only just started bum scooting less than seven months ago and has already progressed to this?

Two weeks ago is when he learned the skill of pushing himself forward in the walker. Seems easy enough but the accomplishment comes from a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. Rain or shine we’ve been practising assisted steps every day; that those steps are now happening independently is a huge reward for a special needs parent like me to see.

I read a quote from Bethany Hamilton recently, the surfer who survived a shark attack but lost an arm. She said, “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.” It’s exactly what I hope to be true for Antonio too … that his future be limitless as he continues to demonstrate an incredible want and will to move forward … no pun intended ;)