Happy Birthday Toni-yo-yo!


My life changed in the most beautiful way on the day you were born. Three years ago today, you came into this world with such purpose, to teach me, and us, that living a life different than most is nothing of which to be afraid. Being able to overcome some of your early struggles gave our family triumphs like none other to truly celebrate and appreciate.

Some of the wonderful things happening now:

  • anticipation (cause & effect / action & response)

  • oral exploration (bringing objects to mouth)

  • fake crying/whining (to express your like & dislike)

  • separation anxiety

  • getting from sit to stand position unassisted!

  • making new noises (various pitches of sounds)

What takes the cake is your walking. This progress has been unbelievable to watch. You didn’t even know to move your feet forward back in December … and now you’re taking these great, smooth, intentional steps.

From this summer:

I’m so grateful for all the things you can do and are learning. May year three bring you more groundbreaking developments my sweet son.

xo Mommy