A poem for you, Mom

I poured my heart out on paper last summer while waiting alone and trying not to cry during a surgery for Antonio. Today I’m dedicating that very note copied below to all the strong and resilient #moms out there.

No matter the circumstances, may you continue to shine your beautiful light bright. You are nothing less than amazing.

Here goes ...

"What a Mother Does"

When the waves get high
We weather the storm,
We steer the ship,
We face the battles,
We walk the line.

When the going gets tough
We wear the brave face,
We fight the fear,
We never back down.

We say everything will be OK
Even when we are not sure,
Even when it's not.

We do because we have to
Our kids depend on us,
Our strength,
Our will,
And most of all our hope.

Even when we want to crumble ourselves
We can't,
We won't,
We don't.

We keep believing
And praying,
And riding those waves
Until the calm comes again,
However long it takes.

That's just what we mothers do
We see it all through,
We find that inner strength,
We somehow make do.

♥️ Happy mother's day to all of you ♥️

Antonio pre-surgery, July 2018

Antonio pre-surgery, July 2018