Day of Pink

The International Day of Pink is an important one to mark, and I did so proudly on Wednesday April 10 wearing pink from head to toe.

Being different means different things to different people. But bullying others because of their differences has the same negative effects on everyone. Nobody deserves to be bullied. Period.

When I first became a mom to my son with special needs I had many worries ... Will this end my marriage? ... Will life ever return to "normal"? ... Will his sisters feel embarrassed about having a brother with severe challenges?

The one fear that lingered most was about how to protect my son from others. Would school kids say mean things about him in front of his sisters? How might they react or feel?

The truth is my son Antonio might still be wearing diapers when he's eight. He may never go on to walk or talk. He has microcephaly. He still looks like a baby.

This is why day of pink really hits home and resonates with me. I know I can't stop bullies from being bullies. But I will do everything in my power to make sure my children feel comfortable in their own skin and with their own differences.

We can and will all rise above the bullies when we accept that being different is not just OK, it's something to learn from and celebrate too.

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