Cheers to volunteers!

Volunteers mean everything to the #toniyoyorunforfun. They are at the heart of our team and the ones helping make big things happen.

Two years ago I would have never thought it possible to accomplish all that we have together - helping others in need in meaningful ways - thanks to countless volunteers who stepped forward and joined our #tonitribe. It's because of you we have great things to share and celebrate.

Earlier this year I learned something so beautiful from a teacher at my daughters' school ... that two of her Grade 5 students felt our Run for Fun was the highlight of their 2018. Imagine that?! My spirit was touched tremendously and now it's my turn to share that same feeling with all of you who played part in bringing together such a magical day for so many.

Words will simply not convey the deep appreciation I feel to all of you for your endless time and energy given towards this fundraiser (you know who you are!). Nonetheless race volunteers: Thank you. Thank you again. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

Happy National Volunteer Week to all!

xo Mr. Tones & his very grateful mommy