A winter of firsts

Despite the lack of snow back in December and some extreme cold fronts as of late, this winter has truly been wonderful for our family. Here’s why: We managed to get outdoors all five of us doing the normal winter activities families do together. The last two winters Antonio was always held back because of a sickness, nap or feed. The former feeding schedule alone made it hard for him to participate in much, winter season or not.


We went to the ice rink for the first time in December, marking Antonio’s first time on ice. It was a modified skate, yes. But a skating experience nonetheless and one we all loved. His sisters took turns pulling him around and he responded so well to the sights and sounds it motivated me to want to do more.


The chance came, a few weeks later after a major snowstorm hit. I packed up the toboggans, picked up the kids from school and went straight to the hill. I didn’t think twice about my husband not being there to help, or whether he’d allow me to put Antonio down the hill in the first place. I just did it.

For Antonio’s first run, he was in his own sled with me gripping on from mine. He made not a sound the whole way down but did whimper a bit when we came to a stop. The huge hill probably overwhelmed him but ride again he did, and by the end of many more runs we had him smiling at the bottom. We’ve been back to that same hill several times since :)


While visiting Blue Mountain Resort in February, a local business told me about Track3, a non-profit that helps kids and youth with disabilities experience snow sport. I checked out the website and saw they offer adaptive skiing lessons around major ski hills in Ontario.

Antonio on skis is an exciting possibility. I’d never considered it before and though it’s definitely an ambitious goal for Winter 2020 you never know … Antonio could start walking on his own later this year and if so I’d say watch out Erik Guay cause Toni-yo-yo is coming at ya!