The real winners of #YOYO2019

Beautiful moments were happening all around us Sunday September 22, 2019. Whether you raced or not, you were champions in my heart for playing a part in the success of the day.

I want to shout-out a few friends of Toni-yo-yo & Silver Creek pictured below, children who really stood out from the crowd. They took to this race with determination to finish and finish strong. As one mom shared, she wasn't sure her daughter could make the full 1K walking but walk and walk and walk she did ... and when she finished no one was looking at the clock. Instead they were admiring from afar and cheering her on to the end.

We often say in our household that even people with disabilities still have abilities. These children proved that and then some. While no medal was awarded, they were the real winners of this year's race. Cheers to these mini heros and the rest of us too!