New AFOs

Sounds a little funny like something from outer space, but it's actually the term for Antonio's new ankle-foot-orthoses (AFOs)! We got them a few weeks ago and they'll help to keep him properly aligned while weight-bearing and standing, which he's starting to do.

My daughter was a bit apprehensive at first (as she was about his glasses too) but has since warmed up to the idea of them. "I know they'll help but I'm a little sad ... not because he needs them, but because he needs the help to walk."  

We adopted a simple phrase early on to explain Antonio's range of physical and health issues, one that made sense to the kids and was easily understood: Some babies just need a little more help than others. Our Antonio is one of those babies, needing a little extra love and care to learn how to walk ... and talk ... and see ... and eat ... and that's all A-OK. At least it is in our household.

I captured Antonio wearing his cool AFOs for the first time - and of course his big sister was right there to lend her helping hand. The video is longer than I'd like to post but too many beautiful moments were happening between brother and sister to edit down. Even if you can only watch some of it you'll see what I mean. My favourite part is around two minutes in ;)

Happy Monday everyone.

PS - The Superman print on his AFOs was custom but at no extra cost to us. We worked with OrthoProActive Consultants through Silver Creek and the process was truly seamless from first consult to fitting to final product. A win-win in my books.