A mallory-weiss tear

This seems to be the cause of Antonio's brown and bloody vomit the last two days, and our reason for heading to Sickkids Emergency yesterday morning. Thankfully the tear will heal on its own, and I'm told happens often with big bouts of retching and intense coughing/vomiting.

Antonio's prone to respiratory infections (especially in the winter months), so we are used to him being sick but he wasn't himself whatsoever with this stomach bug. A "wilted flower" was how one doctor referred to him, with his normally high-toned arms and legs loose and limp to the touch.

He's doing much better today, with no vomit or diarrhea so far! I'm very glad to be at Sickkids figuring it out. There's no room for taking chances with this little man of ours.

Here's a video of him this morning making Mommy smile!